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One would think that the first signs of fall happen with the autumnal equinox, as if suddenly like the start of a marathon the gun sounds and they’re off. But it’s actually far more subtle than that. Today is Tues Oct 2nd the fall equinox was on Sat Sept 22nd. But here on our farm fall began about 4 weeks before that.
The signs are so slight you question your reasoning. The tomato plants begin to turn brown. The barn swallows that I alternately love and hate vanish. The mountain changes to soft, misty colors of ruby, garnet and gold, a mere whisper of the richer colors to come.
It’s 2 AM, the air is warm as we load trucks for market by 4 AM the temperature drops, and you begin to shiver. The dew is so heavy you would swear we had a serious rain fall. The moon is full and you need no lights to see your way. A few degrees cooler and the dew would be frost. The soil smells like fall and the air feels like the promise of it. The Jerusalem artichokes are in full glory their bright sunny flowers swaying 10 feet up in the air. The eggplant pull the plants down with the weight of the harvest, corn is sweeter and the peppers smell crisp, the perfume of kale and broccoli raab spice the early morning air. These and so many more are the signs of fall.

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